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Static Casting
    • Summary:

      Sand casting: One production line, which can automatically recycle molding sand.
      Using CAE to design the casting process and to verify the trial-production. With 30 years of production experience, the sandbox is designed by the correspondingly to ensure the molten steel be cooled at predetermined sequence, avoiding the crystal bulky by overheating of the raw casting.

    • Summary:

      Precise casting: 1 production line
      Using CAE to design the casting process and to verify the trial-production.
      Precise shell mold combines with urea core and wax pattern.
      Shell mold uses silica-sol hardening technology to improve the surface.
      Dedicated shell mold baking equipment.

    • Summary:

      The advantage of CAE casting process:
      It can design the casting process to reduce the process designing cost, optimize the casting process, such as size, form and location of the the gate/sprue, feeding size and location of riser.

    • Summary:

      Sliding block: usually used for hot rolled slab stepping beam furnace, welded above the water beam to support the heat-resistant slab sliding.
      Common materials:ZGCo20、ZGCo40、ZGCo50.

    • Summary:

      The elbow of radiant tube: elbows of W type or U type radiant tubes, used to connect the straight tube section.
      Common materials:
      ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2,ZG40Ni35Cr25Nb, ZG45Ni48Cr28W5Si.

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