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Enterprise Culture

【Our Mission】Best Made-in-China

【Our Vission】First-class Quality

【Core Value】Integrity, Responsibility, Harmony, Improvement

【NPA Code of Conduct】

        Honor to those who defend honesty, shame on those who deceive and fraud.

          Honor to those who take 100% responsibility, shame on those who shuffle and complain

          Honor to those who unite and help people, shame on those who undermine each other’s work.

          Honor to those who improve continuously, shame on those who waste resources.

          Honor to those who are result-oriented, shame on those who do the job mechanically.

          Honor to those who act immediately, shame on those who delay and only do empty talk.

          Honor to those who are creative and innovative, shame on those who stand in lockstep.

          Honor to those who emphasize customer value, shame on those ignorant and arrogant.

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